In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Aktion Club
Gallagher, Marianne
Advise Aktion Club of Ontario County, attending meetings and helping to organize activities, pay club dues and oversee the checking account.
Antique Show
Gallagher, Marianne
Coordinate staffing at annual antique show.
Board of Directors
Campbell Kelly, Deb
Board of Directors
Chef's Challenge
Rought, Debbie
Coordinate the annual cooking competition with wine and beer vendors and silent auction.
Community Service
Lupiani, Frances
Implements projects on the arts, business affairs, citizenship, civic improvement, community beautification, conservation, health, international understanding, literacy, public affairs, safety, or help for senior citizens and disabled persons.
Maxfield, Karen M
Responsible for preparing a budget of estimated income and expenses for the board of directors, as well as any recommendations it may have on financial matters of the club. It also is responsible for securing the funds necessary to meet budget requirements.
Rought, Debbie
Oversight of the foundation, including the fundraisers to support the annual scholarships and selection of the scholarship recipients.
Golf Tournament
Starowitz, Chet
Golf Tournament - one of the three major fundraisers in memory of past president "Robbie" Robertson.
Metting, Pamela
Monthly newsletter
House Committee
Rought, Debbie
Responsible for providing the most effective club meeting possible. Areas of focus should include the club meeting program, risk management, reception, fellowship, and interclub relations.
Human and Spiritual Values
Hough, James
Implement projects that support spiritual development, provide human companionship and comfort, or offer counseling and guidance. Projects can encourage interfaith and interdenominational religious activity, such as prayer, but should not support a specific religious sect.
Rought, Debbie
Visit the other clubs in the division. Attend their meeting or service project or event and learn about what they do!
Kids Carnival
Purbeck, Kat
Fun winter family activity in conjunction with the YMCA
Purbeck, Kat
Strive to increase membership. The committee should consider all membership applications and submit its recommendations to the board of directors. The committee should also develop an effective orientation and induction ceremony for new members and promote regular attendance by all members at club meetings.
Public Relations and Photography
Maxfield, Karen M
Responsible for helping to ensure that the public receives, through the media and other means, the objects, goals, programs and achievements of the club. Take photos at all the events.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Hook, Tricia
Arrange sign-up of members to cover all shifts Kiwanis is assigned for Salvation Army bell ringing.
Senior Bingo
Alamond, Philip
Senior Bingo the first Thursday of each month at Eighty Parrish Street. 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM.
Senior Committee
Alamond, Philip
Senior Bingo once a month at Eighty Parrish Street.
Sevice Leadership
Gallagher, Marianne
Key Club, Builders Club and K-Kids
Spaghetti Dinner
Purbeck, Kat
King, Heidi
On Tuesday, November 7th, Election Day Kiwanis will have their 50th Annual Spaghetti Dinner fund raiser. From 4:30-7:30 PM Club Volunteers will make and serve spaghetti suppers to hundreds of people in our community.
Sports and Recreation
Ellis, Bobby
Coordinate social activities for members, including participation by other area service clubs.
Strategic Partners
Metting, Pamela
Annual fundraising to support major fundraising events.
Town of Canandaigua Trick or Treat Event
Gallagher, Marianne
Saturday October 29th @ Onanda Tilipe Cabin Decorating and Trick or Treating
Young Children Priority One
Kelley, Jen
Implement projects for children from prenatal stage through age 5. Projects may address maternal and child health, childcare, early development, nutrition, parenting education and support, advocacy, pediatric trauma, or safety.
Youth Services
Gallagher, Marianne
Continue to plan and administer programs for children and youth of age 6 and above, including setting up the annual Ontario ARC fishing trip and youth holiday/bowling party.